These three foundation steps are your starting place to live more simply fulfilled.

A few years ago I could no longer ignore what I knew deep down.

I finally was honest enough with myself to face up to this fact:

"I've been wandering and drifting through my life, pretending all is good."

Pretending all was okay was simply not an option any longer!

Don't get me wrong! I had plenty to do: 

My family to care for, a schedule to keep, a job...

Yet I in my heart and soul I knew God had more for me.

​So I started searching more purposefully.

The more I searched, the more lost and helpless I felt. 

My search seemed only to be met with further frustration and despair... 


God answered my prayers by introducing me to the world of His kinda life coaching! 

Along the way I discovered these three simple foundation steps

to be the starting point to life my life more simply fulfilled!

 A little about me

Hello there. I'm Kathryn. 


A life time ago I studied a bachelor of medicine

and practiced as a GP for 10 years,

all the while looking over my shoulder wondering

if this was how the rest of my life was destined to be.


During those early years I didn't understand how

confused I was about WHO I was

and what I wanted for my life.

I had unawares spent many years moulding myself

to become a professional approval seeker.

I was always comparing myself to others,

trying so hard to be like them.


Thankfully a divine "God-incidence" led me to

search out a few sessions with a wonderful life coach. 

My coach helped me discover the light!

I'm happy to share I now know myself.

I know my worth.

I know my hearts desires.

I have a plan to walk out my life dreams.

And today I'm loving being the woman

I was created to be.


More than ever I want the same for you too!

I'm so grateful to have you here!

Welcome :).

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